Partes del cordero

1. Chops

They are pulled from the back and the best are those of the center and stick.

2. Needle

From this part are extracted the lower quality chops, the ones that have more fat and tendons.

3. Leg

It is named after the back legs of the lamb. If they're joined by the chair, they're called a baron. They can be consumed in steaks or baked. They are also very tasty.

4. Ribs

They are located at the bottom of the spine, at the end of the chops.

5. Pallet or Back

It's the forelegs of the lamb. Its meat is very tender and juicy.

6. Chair

It's between the kidney and the legs and it's a very sought-after part.

7. Neck or Neck

Its meat is quite oily and is sold with bone.

8. Chest

It is located between the neck and the skirt. Its meat is of inferior quality and has a lot of fat.

9. Back or Skirt

It is under the back, between both legs, it is very oily but has a delicious taste.