partes de la ternera


In this piece it is usually distinguished, in the Spanish cutting, the lid and the low back. Provides soft, juicy and nervous flesh. It is suitable for steaks and for whole oven-roasting.


It's fat-free meat, poor in tegumentous tissues and nerves. Very suitable for slow cooking stews.

Hip or rum-steack

Small piece located next to the top of the chin. Excellent for doves and slow cooking stews, such as gulasch and ragú.


The upper back of the thigh, which in turn can be divided into round (4th) and against the front (4b).


Young animals are cut into pieces that are used for oven or grilled roasts, or for marinated marinades and meats.

Against the front

It is a very soft meat that is cut into steak. It is suitable for slow cooking stews or stews and is generally also used in the preparation of broths.

False babilla

It provides a rather tender meat, with a reduced proportion of fat fibers. It is excellent for tartar steak and also for roasts and rounds.


It's equivalent to the lower and front of the con. it is a very suitable meat for broths and soups.

Beef tail

Its flesh is strong and gelatinous. The top and thicker tail can be used for the famous oxtail stew.


It is the most suitable part of the loin for roast beef, and especially suitable for steaks.


The ox fillet can be roasted whole or broken into pieces, From the head can <> </>be made ordinary fillets and the central part intended for .


From this part are taken the chops, the entrescrodo, the double entrecote and meat for roasts.

Slap or high back

Rib meat is mainly used for stews and stews, but can also be roasted, grilled or baked.


Very juicy meat, suitable to be roasted but also good for gulasch and ragu.


The highest part of the needle, good for slow cooking stews, gulaschs and ragouts. It is optimal, especially for all kinds of stews.


A good piece of meat very suitable to be adobado and also to prepare round and stewed.


It is part, along with the backbone (12) and the Gansillo (12b), of what we generically consider the pallet.


It has a filet-like shape, to which it owes its name, but its flesh is more fibrous than that of the real steak. It is used for potajes, stews and skewers.


It's an excellent meat for soups. It is usually found on the market cut into slices. It is used for the famous ossobuco.


It is sold with chopped bone and is used for stews and stews.

Front skirt

It is sold raw and in the form of cecina or marinade. In both cases it goes very well for stews and stews.

Skirt or middle

He's got less bone than the other parts of his chest. It is used as meat for soups and potajes.

Low or back back slap

It is the rib cage of the ox and offers only bone-in meat, which corresponds to the lower front of the ribs.

Beef skirt

It can be found with bone and boneless. In this last form it is used for gulaschs and stews in general.