partes del cerdo


The pig is the most and best used animal. So much so that all parts of your testa can be cooked. For example, the ear is excellent to plate as a cap and also to give "substance" to certain stews. The mask and nose are prepared in a similar way to the ear. Also, the gelatinous areas of the head are used to make a cold cut called a boar's head. A separate mention deserves the products of casquería such as brains or language, also very tasty for popular gastronomy.

Double chin

A good source of bacon. It is also used to make meat jellies.


It is considered in the 2nd category. It sells whole for roasting, but the most common is to buy it in chops, to fry. She's very lean.

Palette or pallet

Also 2nd, this part corresponds to the thigh of the front limb. It is sold mince (to make burgers) or cooked (which is used to make sandwiches), although it is also sold in pieces to make skewers or stews, as well as in steaks, to accompany with sauces or simply with garlic and parsley.


It corresponds to the central part (joint) of the front limbs. It is usually roasted and has a long gastronomic tradition in many countries, including Spain.


Also very popular in traditional cuisine. They are cooked fried or in sauce.


It is one of the fattest areas of the pig, essential in charcuterie. For barbecues it is delicious, as well as fried, to sauté, or as an ingredient of a filling. The fat it gives off is unique to give forcefulness to more than one traditional stew (fabada, lentils, beans, stews, etc.). Also, from bacon is obtained lard.


From the middle part of the loin come these rich chops of stick considered of 1st category. They can be fried, made in sauce or grilled.


From here you get the leanest of the pork. It can be roasted, stuffed and snortd. We are also here the sirloin, exquisite and very juicy pieces, which are usually eaten in escalopes and that allow all kinds of sauces (wine, fruits, roquefort…). Meat obtained from this area is considered an extra class. Also from here comes the loin tape (which is purchased in butchers, fresh or marinated) and the cured or bottled loin (sold in charcuterie).


It is considered meat of 1st category. It corresponds to the thighs of the hind limbs and in Spain its most common destination is to make cured ham. Cooked (or york) ham is also very required.